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The company was founded in 1936 in the Civitanova Marche area of Italy which is renowned for its shoe industry.

The third generation of the Romagnoli family now run the company, which is still very much a family business.

Using only the finest quality materials, Rondinella shoes are virtually handmade and the Romagnolis take great pride in the style and quality of their shoes. We hope our photographs do them justice!

What our customers say

Natasha and Rebecca's mummy said...................

"Clever Clogs is an excellent shoe shop and something the town was crying out for before they opened. Despite both my girls having very slim feet, I have never been left disappointed as they stock a huge range of high quality shoes, sandals, trainers and boots in all widths and sizes, within a reasonable price range. On the very few occasions where there was nothing suitable, Pauline or her staff have always been happy to order stock in for me, at no extra cost. The team go out of their way to make you feel a valued customer and my girls get very excited when it is time for new shoes!!!"

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